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Avoid FOG In Your Plumbing Pipes

Many people in Orlando & Central Florida do not understand we have to stay on guard in stopping fats, oils and grease releases down our drains.

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Preparing fats, oil and grease (FOG) are leading sources of clogged up drains, back-ups, and sewerage spills.

Keeping FOG from your drains will certainly keep the Orlando plumbing contractors away, conserve you money, prevent unpleasant backups, and undesirable disorganized cleanings.

Where’s the grease? How can we trim down the fat from our sewage systems and keep our water pipes running smoothly?
Below is a list of lots of common pipe-clogging foods to stay away from washing down drains:.

  • Oil and butter.
  • Mayo and sour lotion.
  • Cheese. Sauces and dips.
  • Tossed salad dressing.
  • Cake icing.
  • Pie dough. Sauce.
  • Turkey and poultry pan drippings.
  • Fat remaining on plates from BARBEQUE.

Consuming a healthy and balanced diet plan, reduced in body fat is great for our bodies and  likewise putting our drains on fat-free diet plans, we assist shield the atmosphere and do our best to keep sewer costs down.  It makes you feel great and your pipes so it’s a win all around! If any of this fatty material spills onto the brick pavers. Especially the cement portion of these pavers, it can cause all kinds of havoc. Bastos Pavers of Fort Myers is a professional Fort Myers pavers company. They install cement and brick pavers on patios, driveways and sidewalks. SavAwn Patio installs the riverside ca patio covers when needed to provide protection from the hot sun. Patio covers are essential to staying cool when working on alumawood patio covers in the hot summer season.

Pointers for fat-free drains:.
Scrape meals and oil from plates into the trash– waste disposal unit do not eliminate oil.
Place a strainer in your sink drains.
Pour off cooking grease from skillets and bake ware into a resealable container.
If your not sure it’s best just to put  it in the garbage.
Gather turkey frying oil and take it to the local household collection facility totally free as it’s recyclable.

Professional Florida Plumbers are always ready to help if your drain slips off the fat free diet and get’s all clogged up.

Orlando Plumber website contributed some of the information on this site and their help was invaluable as a plumber service company operating in Central Florida.

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